There are plans in the works for Kootenay Way to be renamed Superior Street.  

Steinbach City Council gave first and second reading to the renaming at Tuesday evening's council meeting.  

Part of the latest phase of Parkhill is creating a continuation of Kootenay Way toward the west to connect to Parkland Drive. This is why the current north/south stretch of Kootenay Way needs to be renamed.  

Councillor Michael Zwaagstra makes a pun while making a motion to approve the name change.  

“The old name is Kootenay, but I think the new name is superior, so I think we should go ahead.”  

Councillor Jake Hiebert says the best time to do any road renaming is when the area is under development.  

“And we see that here, so it's the right time to do it.”  

Mayor Earl Funk notes that often times it is not council that comes up with street names, but the developers, which is the case with Superior Street.

Along with the renaming of Kootenay Way, council also gave first reading to close a public reserve as part of the latest phase of Parkhill.  

The public reserve was opened as part of the previous phase, and the reason for closing it is to realign it.  

The intent is to close the public reserve and open it back up with slightly adjusted boundaries. No public reserve will be lost as part of this revision.