Steinbach City Council gave third reading to a subdivision and rezoning on Kootenay Way, off of Parkhill Crescent on the west-side of the city. 

The approved subdivision application requested to subdivide five existing lots into 22 lots. 

The applicant plans to extend the existing road of Kootenay Way and create a public reserve as part of a multi-phase residential development. 

The subject land is designated as residential under the City's Official Community Plan.  

Councillor Michael Zwaagstra says it’s exciting to see continued development in Steinbach. 

“The subdivision to subdivide five larger existing titles into 22 lots will allow for a mix of two family and multifamily zoning within the subdivision, and so we're looking forward to seeing the development proceed.” 

The applicant also requested a to rezone a lot from RLD (Residential Low Density) to RMD (Residential Medium Density). 

Councillor Susan Penner says more density is a great thing to see. 

“Anytime there's major development going on, it's quite common for a developer to need to make some adjustments to the plans, so this probably won't even be the last we see from this area. Developers often work supply-demand, what works best on the land.” 

Councilor Damian Penner adds that developers often adjust their developments based on supply and demand. 

“It's good to see that that developers are adjusting for that as well to come and have desirable properties in our city.” 

Mayor Earl Funk says it’s great that developers can be flexible and adjust their plans to what is needed in Steinbach. 

“They have it all figured out and then halfway through development, all of a sudden there's a great need for RMD in our community, like there is right now, and they're able to adjust and rezone. And that's what we're doing here today.”