Hey, Corny Rempel here. Hobbies can be expensive. Especially if you have several hobbies like me. One way to save money is to search keywords on the SteinbachOnline Auction

My favourite hobbies are fishing, barbequing/smoking, and baking sourdough. So I search words like fishing, grilling and cutting board. Here's what I came up with! 

  • 6 Person Fishing Trip ($3,600 Value) from Pine Sunset Lodge
  • Guided Day Trip & Overnight for 2 People ($1,062 Value) from Ash Rapids Lodge
    in Kenora
  • Custom Fishing Package ($73.41 Value) from Fehr's Sporting Goods
    in Steinbach
  • Pit Boss PB1230 Pellet/Gas Combo Grill ($1399.99 Value) from Sunshine Greenhouse
    in Steinbach
  • Louisiana 8 in 1 Grill ($1,119 Value) from Rona La Broquerie Lumber
    in La Broquerie
  • Resin Cheese board - Large 10"x20" ($144.48 Value) from Lynn & Liana Designs
    in Steinbach
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These are just a few things I found when I searched my favourite things! What will you find?!? Whatever it is, you'll save a ton of money buying it in the SteinbachOnline Auction