On Wednesday, April 12th a deceased body was located in the City of Steinbach near Hespeler Street.  

At the time, police said the body had not been identified, however, the family of Ryan Maynard posted on social media later that night stating his body had been found. 

RCMP are now able to confirm the body was that of 29-year-old Ryan Maynard. 

Regarding the cause of death, the police statement goes on to say “Although no criminality is suspected in his death, RCMP await the results of the autopsy.” 

Ryan Maynard was reported missing on November 27th and since then, SteinbachOnline has told a number of stories about the extensive search parties organized by members of his family. His family even went so far as to put together a $10,000 reward as they continued to search for any information that might be available. 

Maynard's body was discovered at a Gordon Street property that backs up onto Hespeler Street. 

RCMP’s investigation continues.