The third annual Pumpkin Carving Event is taking place in Kleefeld this Sunday. 

Stephen and Alicia Olynuik, organizers of the event , inform they have a lot of people registered and our still welcoming more. 

“We did have the cut-off on the 18th, but it always seems the last couple of days is when you get the most amount of people registering,” says Stephen. “We've always prepared for that, and so don't hesitate if you want to come out, it's a free event.” 

Alicia Olynuik says you don’t need to bring anything along with you. 

“We'll supply all the pumpkins with the tools you need. Just bring your imagination. There will be hot chocolates and treats and the weather is looking amazing.” 

Steven says the pumpkin seeds from the event will be going to a hobby farmer. 

“Every year we've had a hobby farmer ask us if they could give it to their animals, and so happy to do that.” 

Anybody and everybody is welcome to come down and be a part of this on Sunday, even if you don’t live in the area. 

The Olynuiks emphasize this is for all ages, and you don’t need to have kids to have fun and enjoy. 

If you would like to attend the event, you can text Stephen Olynuik at 204-981-2009 or email 

The pumpkin carving event takes place under the Kleefeld picnic shelter on Sunday, October 22, from 1-4pm. 


With files from Dave Anthony 


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