Even with the milder weather this month, homeless people in Steinbach continue to seek ways to warm up

Every winter, there are many conversations about a warming shelter for homeless people in Steinbach. 

Irene Kroeker with Steinbach Community Outreach says that while it would be great to have something like this in our city, there are some barriers. 

“I hate to list the challenges,” she says, “because somebody might say they can (set up a warming shelter) but then they hear the challenges and then they're going to go, ‘Oh no, I can't do that.’” 

Kroeker says the shelter would require a bathroom and someone to come in regularly to make sure the space is cleaned. 

"I don't know about the insurance,” she adds. “If you have a building, you definitely might want to get some extra insurance and there's the liability issue there as well.” 

Kroeker suggests property insurance might be steep for a warming structure. 

“And what about security? Those are the barriers.” 

Despite these barriers, Kroeker maintains hope that a warming shelter can become a reality in our city. 

She points out that we do not have to wait for a warming shelter to offer relief to those without a home. 

We can donate warm items like boots, coats, heavy duty mittens and socks, as well as hot pockets. 

Over the Christmas break, SCO was broken into, and a variety of items were stolen

Here is a list of some more items that will help replenish SCO supplies that are distributed to people who need some help:  

  • Toilet Paper  

  • Shampoo  

  • Bars of soap  

  • Dish washing soap  

  • Laundry soap  

  • Toothbrushes or Toothpaste  

  • Deodorant  

  • Waterproof winter mitts  

  • Winter Parkas and Boots  

  • Runners  

  • Non-perishable Food  

  • Perishable food donations are accepted and encouraged but must be brought upstairs between 9am and 4pm.  

Electronics had also been stolen. 

Any donations can be brought to 345 Loewen Boulevard in Steinbach. The blue Outreach doors can be found near the back of the building on the west side. Donations can also be left in the bin beside the doors anytime.  Please call 204-380-2692 if you have any questions about donations.