The new year begins with disappointment for staff and volunteers at Steinbach Community Outreach (SCO). 

Staff report a break in at their offices and items were stolen that would have been used for 2023 programming. 

The list includes iPads, a laptop and projector that were going to be used for movie nights. 

Many hand warmers were also reported stolen. SCO recently received a large donation of valuable warming items, enough hand warmers to last for the winter.

Myra GerbrandtMyra Gerbrandt with some of the donations received in December at Steinbach Community Outreach.

SCO hands out hand warmers to people who spend cold nights outdoors. 

Gift cards are also reported missing. 

The organization is now considering the possibility of increasing security measures to prevent a repeat of this crime. 

Steinbach Community Outreach will be closed on Tuesday, January 3rd, allowing some time to prepare for opening the doors on Wednesday.

-With files from Adi Loewen