This weekend an interactive dessert theatre experience is taking place at the Pat Porter 

See Cafe Murder, a murder mystery where the audience enjoys dessert while figuring out whodunit. 

Carla Walker, Program Director at PPALC, says the audience will get the opportunity to interact with the performers, ask them questions when the performers come to their tables, and solve the murder. 

The dessert is a brownie white chocolate cake, or for those wanting a gluten-free option, a strawberry dessert. 

Walker says you don’t have to participate if you are uncomfortable interacting with the performers. 

“I believe what's happening is at your table there will be questions available, so you don't have to necessarily be the one to ask the questions, but if you have someone at your table that is wanting they can do it, and then you as a table can discuss the answers and come to a conclusion together.”

The main character of Cafe Murder is a hypochondriac, convinced she's allergic to water. 

She is celebrating her birthday at a restaurant with her four sisters, a hippie, a valley girl, a trucker, and a banker. Suddenly, the birthday girl vanishes and is believed to be murdered. 

The audience members in the restaurant are the witnesses who must solve who the killer is. 

Tickets are available at the door, but they ask you to order in advance if possible to give them a better estimate on how many people to prepare for. 

Cafe Murder is this Friday and Saturday, April 12 and 13. 

Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 7:30pm.

Tickets are $30 (Includes admission, coffee/tea, and dessert).

For more information check out the event on our Events Page.


With files from Carly Koop