Plans are coming together for a fun celebration in Woodridge to mark 10 years since the fire hall was built. 

Joel Grenier is the district fire chief in Woodridge and has been part of the fire department right from the start. Even though the fire department is still quite young, Grenier says it is still exciting to have this service in the community and that is something to celebrate. 

“It used to be a bluff of trees on the corner of the street, and eventually council decided they were putting up a fire hall in Woodridge. So yeah, we're so excited about it.” 

Grenier says they are inviting the public to join them on Saturday evening at the local community centre. 

“We're all getting together. We're going to have some firefighter games followed by just an evening of commemoration and looking back on our last 10 years of what we've accomplished, what we've done, some of the training or all the training we've covered, follow it up with a dance and in the evening, having a poutine bar.” 

He notes the fire fighter games are unique to their work. 

“Donning is one of those basic firefighter skills, and the new rules say you have three minutes to do it.” Grenier explains, “you're in your regular street clothes, and then in three minutes you're supposed to be fully donned. And guys are down to 35 seconds doing it. 

Tickets for the celebration on Saturday, November 18th are $15 each and can be purchased at the Woodridge Vintage Corner Store. 

Grenier says they are also accepting applications with space to add up to four more fire fighters to their team which currently has 16 volunteers.

Promotional Poster for Woodridge Fire Hall event.

-With files from Carly Koop 


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