The Alzheimer’s Society of Manitoba is currently holding their annual fundraiser for those with dementia and their families.

Meg Pfeiffer-Brandt with the Alzheimer’s Society of Manitoba says there are a few ways to participate in the Walk for Alzheimer’s.

One way is to head over to the big walk that takes place in Winnipeg. This year it will be at the Assiniboine Park at the Lyric Theatre today, May 27.

You can also participate in Walk Your Way. 

“Walk Your Way is done by individuals or even a family who wants to walk, ride a bike, walk their dog, or move however they want to move to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society of Manitoba.” 

You can register at and print out pledge forms.

Pfeiffer-Brandt says there are different Walk for Alzheimer’s events happening all around the province.

“I know there's one happening in Selkirk on June 2. We want to do lots of stuff in May and kind of the first week of June, so that's when you get to do your walking.” 

Funds raised will go toward the Alzheimer’s Society of Manitoba’s program called First Link.

The program helps people who receive a dementia diagnosis and their care partner plug into a community of people who are also on the same dementia journey.  

“It's education, it's support groups, It's one-on-one supportive counseling, and even just feeling like you're not alone.” 

She says there are a lot of changes that happen in someone with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, especially when things start to progress. 

“It could be great for many years, but there are also those later stages where you start to lose your partner that you were married to for years, and all of the sudden they're not the same person anymore, so it can be really difficult.” 

Pfeiffer-Brandt says it’s important to connect with other people on the same journey as you, as it can be really isolating being by yourself. 

“Other people don't always understand the changes that are happening, so it's a great way for us as a community to come together and support each other.” 


With files from Michelle Sawatzky