As of this morning, Toys Days is back up and running. 

From 8 AM to 8 PM Tuesday and Wednesday, you can join us just inside the Canadian Tire entrance and make a donation as we work together to collect all the toys for the Steinbach Community Christmas hampers. 

As we reported yesterday, there are over 1,900 kids registered for toys this year, and Toy Coordinator Joanne Dyck says the need is greater in some age/gender categories. 

“We did have some surplus in age 3 to 5 girls, so we don't really need a lot more in that category. I know it's a super fun age to buy for, so we always get a lot. If people could focus on teens and babies, even the middle schoolers, the 10- to 12-year-olds, that's really where we're needing it this year.” 

To be more specific, Dyck notes “I know that for teen girls and teen boys each, we need around 200 more. So, a total of 400 teen gifts. The other age categories are all hovering around 100 each that we need and a bit less for babies up to age 2. But we still need those, those are always the ones that trickle in right at the end.” 

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If you are shopping for teens, Dalton says gift cards for local stores and restaurants seem to go over well as it gives the recipient some independence. She adds gifts that are usually a hit include things like blankets, water bottles, hair styling tools such as curling irons and straighteners, or sports equipment.  

Once we’ve collected a mountain of toys, Dyck says all of the donations will be taken to their toy organization centre.  

“This year we're doing it in the United Church, which is beside South East Helping Hands. We’re very thankful to them for donating that space to us. Then, we sort them by age category and gender, and we label them and then once we have the list of people receiving hampers, we know the ages of their kids and then we pack bags with gifts for each of the children and those bags go out with the hampers.” 

If you are able to donate, we would love to see you there! Your donation will help make sure that every family is fed, and every child has a present to open this holiday season.  


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