A trucking company from Landmark is making intentional moves to spread a bit of kindness.

Tim Plett, owner of Plett Trucking, says it felt important to reach across the Red River and show appreciation for staff at Menzies Medical Centre in Morden. This was one delivery among many they had done before Christmas including to Cancer Care in Steinbach, hospitals and clinics in Ste Anne, St. Pierre and Winnipeg.

two bouquets of flowers.

"Honoured, surprised, appreciative, encouraged, lifted, joyous,” she says, trying to describe her thoughts and feelings. “It's really hard to put into words what these sorts of things mean to everybody here."

here are a lot of people working extremely hard behind the scenes that aren't recognized, that are working in extremely tough conditions,” he says. “People need to know there are still good people out there. And when people are going above and beyond, like (at) the Menzies Medical Center, they need to know there's still people that care. Not just from Winkler or Morden or that area, but even out here in Landmark, outside close to Winnipeg, there are people that care. That is what it is, which is just to encourage people. These days we're facing right now, this will end at some point. And we have to move on and an act of kindness is step one."