Ste. Anne Town Council is making sure the town is prompt in dealing with unsafe buildings in the community. 

Mayor Yvan St. Vincent says this topic came up recently at their council meeting. 

“We have a few derelict properties that the Operations (staff) was concerned about, and in fact there's a few of them where the police had to enter for a variety of reasons. And once they got inside, really amplified the need to take action on these properties so that they were safe and that no one was entering them or harming themselves if they were around them. It's just 100% about making sure that the community is safe and that we're on top of those properties that maybe aren't up to code, so to speak, on the safety aspect.” 

St. Vincent says the town is communicating with the owners of unsafe properties. 

“Whether you got some windows that are blown out of whatever the case is, the communication is made just so everyone’s given fair chance to make the necessary accommodations to make sure that their property is following our expectations. And when they’re not, then we start these proceedings to ensure that they are safe.” 

He says it is important for council to act quickly in dealing with properties that are not safe. 

“It's just all about the community safety and making sure that, if you had a dilapidated home that was falling down, you would want to make sure it's boarded up so that nobody's entering and playing in it and maybe causing themselves or others harm.” 


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