Ste. Anne Town Council is hearing a lot of positive feedback from residents regarding the town’s police department. 

Mayor Yvan St. Vincent says they often hear great comments about the police service. 

“We've gotten a few more lately about just the positive interactions residents are having with the police, which is certainly our preferred view on policing. It's not just handing out tickets, but it's interactions and positive interactions with the community, and we've heard loud and clear that that's been something that's occurred quite a few times lately.” 

St. Vincent says council is very aware of the value of having a local police force. 

“I know that there's a lot of people that are always very supportive of our police and want to make sure that, when we're going door to door for campaigning at election time, they always want to know our position on the police and if we're in favor or not of them. And 99% of the time, they want to ensure that we are in favor of keeping the strong police force that we have.” 

St. Vincent says the feedback is appreciated, and it is great to know the police service is having the desired impact on the community. 

“It's not an inexpensive thing to have police, but it's something that the whole community values and it's frankly, something we rarely get any questions on, on the cost of having own policing because people see so much value in it.” 

St. Vincent says he is glad to know the local department is demonstrating positive community policing and building relationships with the public. 

Medium sized dog getting some head pats from a person.Gerri is one of the dogs fostered by the Ste. Anne Police Service during the past couple of years while the dogs wait for a fur-ever home. (Photo Credit:


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