Though there hasn't been much news about the Southeast Event Centre recently, Steinbach Mayor Earl Funk says work continues behind the scenes. 

“The project is alive and well. The tenders closed on September 13th, we are still reviewing them, and we should have something soon. That is where we are at right now.” 

The process is somewhat arduous but Funk says they want to get it right. 

“We are hopefully going to be putting a shovel in the ground very soon on that one. It is the biggest project Steinbach has ever done and it has probably taken the most resources to get to this point. That is why it is taking so long because the project’s magnitude is just so big.” 

Funk thanks the Southeast Event Centre Group for the hard work they have been putting as well as the City of Steinbach administration team. 

“Administration is probably the hardest working group of all of us. We could not do this without the great administration that we have at the city.” 

Even though the community is very curious, Funk says they aren't able to talk about any of the bids until they are presented at a public Steinbach City Council meeting for approval.