The senior manager of operations for the City of Steinbach has been hard at work nailing down the details for the Southeast Event Centre.

Paul Penner recently gave a progress report to City Council. He says a good chunk of his time these days is dedicated to the Southeast Event Centre project as there are so many moving pieces.

“Right now, we are into detail design and spec writing and so there is a lot of coordinating between different areas and the architect and coming up with a decent plan.”

Mayor Earl Funk says council was encouraged by Penner’s presentation.

“I think the progress is good. These things take time. To be at 75 percent fine design, I think is great. I think it is great that they have been listening to some of the community things that we have wanted to put in like the play structure and that kind of stuff. I am looking forward to seeing the final drawings.”

Penner says they had initially hoped to go to tender with the project in spring, but due to the sheer scale of the project, things have been pushed back just a little.

“We are now hoping to bring it to tender in early summer. We are hoping to then start building by fall.”

In addition to the main complex itself, Penner says there are a lot of smaller details that need attention.

“The old outdoor rink will be coming down this fall and then we are planning to build a new outdoor rink on Elmdale and Barkman Corner and that will be constructed from all the Elm trees that we cut down [in Steinbach] this year and we are going to repurpose those boards for the boards of the rink.”

Penner notes some trees from the construction site itself will also be used.

“We have cut down some trees where the new event centre is going to be built and the hardwood trees have been repurposed for the outdoor rink and the softwood trees, we are planning to use for other things like picnic tables and stuff.”

On that note, Penner adds they plan to keep as many trees as possible around the new outdoor rink to create a park atmosphere.

Residents of Steinbach will have an opportunity to attend the Multiplex Meet Up 2 on Wednesday, April 20th at the T.G. Smith Centre to take a look at the current design plans, ask questions and provide feedback. The meet-up will run from 7 to 9 P.M.