Nearly $2,000 was raised today with the Taste of Summer Charity BBQ in support of Soup’s On in Steinbach. 

Joy Neufeld says the $1,947.25 that came in today will all be dedicated to continuing the school lunch program. 

"With the supper program, so much of that food has been donated,” she explains. “With the school lunch program, because we need to be nut-free, it's a different story and things need to be purchased.” 

The BBQ lunches were sold out and Neufeld believes this might be the most that has ever been raised for the soup kitchen through this annual summer fundraiser. 

Traditionally, Soup’s On gets plenty of volunteers. This summer, Neufeld has noticed that they are a bit short of bodies on a few dates. 

“Occasionally some Fridays could use some volunteers, some Friday supper serving times,” she says. “That's over supper hour and I know that's the day of the first day of the weekend, people want to go to the lake this time of year but if you have a couple hours to give us on a Friday that would be great.” 

The Taste of Summer Charity Barbecue will happen every Wednesday throughout the summer months and supports local organizations that do great work in our community. 

Bring a Toonie or more to the barbecue every Wednesday from 11am to 1pm at the corner of Main and Lumber, enjoy a great lunch while giving a much-needed boost to local charity.