Students from Crystal Springs School gave a special presentation this month to the Hanover School Board, showing off the robots they built for the Manitoba Robot Games. 

Principal Karl Kleinsasser says students put in a lot of work in creating these robots and then making adjustments to accommodate the rules of competition. 

“It's a huge part of the program that we do. It's an opportunity for the kids to interact with other schools, other students.” 

Kleinsasser says there have been times when their robots were dominating the games, and some new rules were implemented to equal the playing field. 

He feels this is a valuable program to be part of. 

“There’s a lot of problem solving, a lot of creativity coming out, a lot of the building and making and mechanics. The kids learn so much.” 

During the demonstration for school trustees, students showed how exact their robots need to be programmed for quick start and stop times. Robots were also programmed to sense their opponent as well as the platform where they are required to remain for each battle. 

Although students would probably want to work on their robots throughout the school year, this program only runs for a short period of time. 

“It's one month of the year where we focus on robots and then we'll go to other things, but it's really that one month, it’s a really great learning experience for the kids.” 

Manitoba Robot Games have been around for 25 years. Competition usually takes place near the end of March. 


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