While some municipalities in the southeast saw a decline in construction in 2022, the RM of Tache remained brisk.

That, is according to Mayor Armand Poirier. He says their statistics reveal 249 building permits were issued last year, totalling nearly $64 million. By comparison, in 2021, they issued 252 permits for just over $42 million.

Poirier says it was a significant increase in total value last year, referring to the final dollar amount as "enormous."

Poirier says the much higher dollar value can probably be attributed to the high demand for housing in his municipality. He points out that majority of the building permits issued last year were for residential housing, primarily multi-family units.

According to the Mayor, Landmark is right now the hot spot for new housing in Tache with six large multi-family units under construction. He notes this will work out to about 120 individual units that will soon be available. However, he says Lorette also has a lot of new housing coming on board. In addition to the single family units being built there, Poirier says their multi-family builds will see about 60 new units become available. Poirier says there is also a lot of single family residential units being built in the rural areas.

Poirier speculates that one reason why Tache is seeing continued growth, while other municipalities stalled last year, has to do with their proximity to the capital region. Poirier says this makes Tache a very attractive place to live and evidently there is pent-up demand for good, residential housing.

"I have to say that 2022 was a very strong year for Tache," adds Poirier. "Our building inspector could hardly keep up with the demand and at one point we hired some help to be able to help him get along."