Steinbach officials are thrilled with HyLife's decision to build their new headquarters in the Millbrook Market development.

HyLife made the big announcement Thursday morning. Their new headquarters will be a 4-storey, 50,000 sq.ft building. It will be located in the new Millbrook Market development which is located off Acres Drive between the RCMP Detachment and Superstore.

Steinbach Mayor Earl Funk says city council is excited and thankful that HyLife chose to make Steinbach home.

"I believe it will benefit both of us. It will benefit them and it will benefit our city. They are looking at possibly 220 plus employees in their head office here. All of these employees are working here, they will need somewhere to have lunch, they will do business after and before work or during lunch. This will be huge for our community, just huge."

yLife is could also influence other companies to move their head office to Steinbach and wouldn't that be a wonderful thing if that were to happen. There is a good chance that this could start opening things up for our community, that we can actually be seen as a place to bring your corporate head office."

Funk says HyLife has been a pleasure to work with in setting up this move, and city council looks forward to a great relationship in the future.

This digital tour of the new Millbrook Market development was put together approximate a year ago: