The City of Steinbach has approved the Lift Station #2 upgrade. This project includes upgrading three pumps, expanding the Lift Station #2 structure, and installing a sewer force main of 390 meters from Lift Station #2 to Home St.

City Council gave third reading on Tuesday to authorize the borrowing of up to $2 million to complete the upgrade of Lift Station #2, which is located on Loewen Blvd. in Steinbach. 

The $2 million borrowed will have a maximum interest rate of 8 percent, with repayment over a five year term. 

Upgrading the force main components of Lift Station #2 will be postponed to 2024, as to make room in the budget for the Barkman/Penner Asphalt Overlay Construction Program.  

Councillor Michael Zwaagstra comments, “obviously this is a part of our basic infrastructure, and we need to make sure that we do this upgrade. The municipal board has approved this and the necessary borrowing so we can move ahead."

Councillor Damian Penner adds, “this is very important, and as well as a renewal, it is going to be able to add capacity and help with future development on the East side of Steinbach,” he says “This is something that as a growing city we need to be investing into, as well as to maintain the level of service that we currently offer.”