A recent donation of homemade quilts is warming hearts and bodies at Steinbach Community Outreach. 

Myra Gerbrandt is the Drop-in Centre Director and says these quilts are already making a difference. 

On Tuesday morning, one of those quilts was being used by one of their homeless friends who had been walking the street all night and came to the Drop-In, exhausted. 

“We have him on a mattress in the back (room) and we got him a blanket and he’s covered and snuggled up, sleeping soundly. It’s really great to see some of these donated items being put to good use.” 

Although Gerbrandt does not know who made the donation, she says there is no denying the love and care that has gone into every stitch. 

Stacks of quilts.These blankets were recently donated to Steinbach Community Outreach. (Photo Credit: Facebook.com/SteinbachCommunityOutreach)

“Beautiful ladies who made beautiful quilts and just the heart that goes behind that, knowing that they are doing it with us in mind and with helping the people who are vulnerable and need that extra love and touch. It's just so nice to see when the community rallies around the work that we do at Outreach and when those donations are so thoughtfully provided, it really touches the heart.” 

Gerbrandt says it's pretty special to see such thoughtful donations.

She notes that usually when they help someone secure a home, there is also a need for basic household items, like blankets, pillows, dishes, and hygiene items. So, these quilts will definitely be put to great use.

The Steinbach Community Outreach website has more information on how you can support the work they do.