Can you believe it? Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn were in the AM1250 studio this morning!!! OK, it wasn't actually them -- but they will sure look like Tom and Huck when the Steinbach Christian Highschool gets going with it's musical this month! It was actually Ben Kroeker and Randall Buhler and they told me that the show will take to the stage February 9-12. They've been working on it since November and teacher and director James Fast joined the boys this morning. If you'd like to hear our conversation -- check out the podcast to the right of the screen -- it's all right there. The tickets are just $10 each and you can buy them at the SCHS office, call them at 326.3537 or on their website. It's so great to see the creativity of our young people come to life on stage -- oh, and I've heard Ben sing -- and you will want to see this show!! Thanks for the visit guys and we will look forward to following your adventures on stage!!