While some might see the “Most Wanted” posts on social media as a bit too realistic, the reality is that the Rotary Club of South Eastman is having a lot of fun while raising money for a couple of local charities. 

This annual event seems to get funnier by the year! 

Ken Dyck from South East Helping Hands is participating in this fundraiser and was recognized at a local store by someone who thought the Most Wanted poster was related to a true crime.

Mock Wanted Poster for Ken DyckThis is a poster to help raise money for ROC Eastman and Steinbach Family Resource Centre. Ken Dyck will have to post $1,000 bail to get out of the fun "jail" on May 22.

His understanding is that it caused enough panic for that customer to call in the sighting to RCMP, but Dyck can’t say for sure if the customer completed the phone call, speculating that maybe they learned the truth before they connected with authorities. 

This Jail Break fundraiser involves local celebrities joining up with the Rotary Club to raise money for “bail” to get them out of the fun jail that will be constructed on May 22 at Clearspring Centre in Steinbach. 

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All the bail money collected will go toward two local charities. This year, the club is raising money for ROC Eastman and Steinbach Family Resource Centre. 

Kris Ontong is also wanted by the Rotary Club; he is charged with disturbing the peace (too active on Facebook). 

Ontong, Coordinator for Eastern Region Immigration Partnership in Steinbach, says Jail Break is a great way to help support organizations that do great work in the community while also raising awareness for E.R.I.P. 

He describes his work as post-settlement services for immigrants to the region. 

“It brings together community stakeholders like employers, service agencies, civic groups, municipal officials,” Ontong says. “The goal is to create a region-wide network that supports newcomers to be able to integrate better and establish deep roots in their respective communities so that we can retain them, not go back to their home countries. We want them to be partners in progress in the community.”

Kris Ontong beside a sign for Eastern Region Immigration PartnershipKris Ontong was spotted on Steinbach's Main Street, collecting donations for bail in the 2024 Jail Break FUNdraiser by the Rotary Club of South Eastman.

While he takes his work very seriously, Ontong is ready with all kinds of jokes to have fun with the Jail Break. He says it’s an honour to be considered as a local celebrity and hopes that he’ll be able to make bail early on. Otherwise, Ontong will be sitting in confinement on May 22nd at the shopping mall, which might put a pause on his frequent social media posts.

Mock Wanted Poster for Kris Ontong.Kris Ontong is worried he might not be a big enough celebrity to raise $1,000 bail for this year's Jailbreak. He's hoping there are enough kindhearted people to help him either get out of "jail" with bail money, or to find some other way to help him regain freedom.

On Friday, the Rotary Club of South Eastman announced that Santa was now on the naughty list! That’s right, Kris Kringle (AKA Thom Doerksen) will have to raise $5,000 in bail.

Rotarians claim that “When Santa heard of the RCMP sweep to benefit Recreation Opportunities for Children (ROC) Eastman and Steinbach Family Resource Centre he jumped on the opportunity to confess to his 'crimes' of breaking and entering millions of homes on Christmas Eve every year.” 

Mock Wanted Poster for Santa.Look for colourful lights and Christmas music if you hope to spot Santa before he is rounded up on May 22nd to do time in the FUNdraising jail at Clearspring Centre. Maybe help post his bail so he can get back to planning merry and bright holiday activities for Christmas in the Southeast.

Realtor Elma Friesen has also made the list of Most Wanted local celebrities, charged with “letting the dogs out.” 

The Rotarians shed some light on this claim. 

“It has come as a great surprise to all that a warrant has been issued for her arrest, under animal-related charges, as Elma has been suspected to have "LET THE DOGS OUT" on multiple occasions during her clients' open houses!” 

Mock Wanted Poster for Elma Friesen.Elma Friesen may be guilty of "letting the dogs out," but they probably gave the sweet puppy-dog eyes and asked very nicely. How could she refuse those sweet faces? Help get Elma out of FUNdraiser Jail on May 22 by donating to her bail fund.

This is only the beginning of the Jail Break FUNdraiser, we can expect the Rotary Club of South Eastman to continue sending out more of these hilarious Most Wanted posters leading up to the big day on May 22nd when bail needs to be posted by each participant. 

-With files from Corny Rempel.