As the weather warms up, there are more community events across the region and Provencher Member of Parliament Ted Falk says these events are great opportunities to hear from constituents in a casual setting. 

He says that while the comments vary quite a bit, there are also consistent themes throughout the riding. 

“People are concerned with the cost of living that seems to always be increasing, inflation, and for the last year, we've been hearing lots about carbon tax everywhere we go and how that has impacted the cost of everything. Whether it's home heating, groceries or the cost of putting fuel, gas, into your personal vehicle... those costs are all up and the carbon tax has impacted everybody in one way or another.” 

Aside from hearing about concerns of affordability and the cost of living, Falk says there are other topics that come up with constituents. 

“People are also concerned about where we're heading as a country. They see that we've become more divided all the time. They're concerned about that. They're very much hoping it doesn't creep into their communities.” 

Falk says Provencher has a lot of strong, closely knit communities, adding, “that's a real positive, and I sometimes feel it's a little bit unique to me here in Provencher. I get a lot of people that encourage me at these community events and a lot of people telling me, ‘hey, you know, we're praying for you, that you'll have wisdom to make good decisions for not only our area here in Provencher, but for all of Canada.’ And so, I get a lot of positive encouragement and feedback.  

“Of course there's other people that always have a lot of constructive criticism of areas where they think we could improve things as Members of Parliament and I welcome that as well, because we need to hear all the different perspectives and people’s opinions in order for us to take those to Ottawa and participate in debate and discussion there and making good laws and so that's good.” 

Falk adds that Provencher seems to be in a good position when it comes to employment opportunities, giving people options to not only get one job but to add a second job to boost their income. 

“And that gives people hope,” he says, “that there are these opportunities to add extra income to the family budget.” 

Falk adds that a Conservative government would get rid of the Carbon Tax and improve the federal budget. 

“We're going to have aggressive home building programs and also crime, especially rural crime has been an issue, and we're going to put laws forward that will stop the crime. The four main themes that we have coming up from our party and from my leader Pierre Poilievre, is to axe the tax, build the homes, fix the budget, stop the crime.” 

Falk was at Steinbach’s annual Pick Up and Walk event on Saturday morning, surrounded by hundreds of volunteers who were getting ready to head outside in the cool, wet weather, to pick up trash throughout the city. 

“That just speaks to our community, the type of people that live here and how we want to build community, we want to take care of the things that we’ve been entrusted with.” 

Provencher residents can expect to see more of their Member of Parliament at community events over the next few months. 

“We've already been getting lots of invitations to the community events, to the parades. It's going to be another busy summer coming up. I think it'll be a really good summer.”