Author: AM 1250/Mix 96 News
A restaurant in Mitchell is hoping to get a liquor license.  Roadhouse 52 partner and manager Ed Friesen says being able to serve alcohol with meals would benefit the community.  He explains having a liquor license would improve their chances of being successful and then they would like to take that success and share it with the community in the form of support for charities and minor sports.  On Wednesday Friesen asked the RM of Hanover to approve a liquor license making this possible.  Council responded by saying if this request proceeds there would have to be a municipal referendum.  Councillor Bernie Stahn says this decision has far reaching ramifications because the ultimate decision would apply not only to Mitchell but the entire municipality.  Council has not yet made a decision to hold a referendum or not.  But Stahn explains if they do it would most likely be tied in with the October civic election.