The executive director of Safe Families Canada Steinbach says their Dino Dash fundraiser at A.D. Penner Park this past Saturday was incredible. 

Sue Doerksen says watching a bunch of people race while wearing inflatable dinosaur costumes is always a wild experience. 

“We had businesses and individuals and churches who sponsored Dinos, and they had some awesome Dino races! We had four heats. It was a ton of fun, a ton of laughs! We also had bouncy castles for the kids, and we had rock wall climbing, which was hugely popular. We had a hot dog BBQ, Stone City Coffee was there, Earls Meats donated the hot dogs, it was just incredible. “ 

Doerksen says they have held this event once before back in 2021 and they hope to make the Dino Dash an annual fundraiser.  

The Dino Dash at A.D. PennerNot only were there dino races, but there were also bouncy casltes and a rock climbing wall at the Dino Dash

Heading into the weekend, Doerksen says the weather was very touch-and-go and the were nervous. 

“We were so worried. It was a lot of scrambling the last two days, trying to find an indoor location, some kind of back up but in the end, the rain stopped before 4:00 PM and didn't come back until just after 7:00. So, it was perfect.” 

It was also a financially successful fundraiser. Doerksen says the sponsorships and donations rolled in.  

“I set myself a goal of $10,000 and I'm picking up one more cheque this week and the final total will be $10,906.50. It was amazing, we are so grateful to our community.” 

In addition, Doerksen says they also sold a bunch of 50/50 For Kids tickets at the Dino Dash as we head toward the early bird draw on Wednesday and the grand prize draw Tuesday, October 4th. 

Find out how to get your 50/50 For Kids tickets here in support of Safe Families Canada Steinbach. 


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