Springfield Police are holding another seminar this month to educate the public on scams and fraud. 

“What we want to pass on to people are some tips and tricks for looking at things in context, for taking themselves out of the little universe the scammer has built for them, understanding the artificial sense of urgency that scammers will often try to employ to get people to fall for their scams,” says Constable Jesse Zillman. 

He explains they want to help people understand there is always time to find out if a message is legitimate or a scam. 

“Even if you receive a legitimate call from a government agency, it's never immediate. We never require an immediate response. There's always time. And so, we want people to take themselves out of that little bubble that the scammer has built and consider what's been said, talk to other people and understand that they always have time.” 

The last seminar in this series is planned for Thursday evening, March 28th at the Anola Community Club from 7pm to 9pm. 

There will be coffee and donuts during the two-hour presentation with time for questions regarding common scams in the community.