Throughout the weekend, the Tache Fire Department has been monitoring a large uncontrolled wildfire moving south towards Ross. 

The department learned of the fire on Friday and immediately started monitoring the fire around the clock by ground and aerial drone.

Wildfire, aerial view.(Photo Credit:

“The fire originated in the RM of Springfield and crossed into the RM of Tache Friday night through heavy swamp that was inaccessible,” reported the Tache Fire Department on Sunday afternoon. “As of this morning, the fire appears to have burnt itself out and poses no further risk to local residents. We will continue to monitor for any flare ups that may occur as weather and winds change.” 

A northeast wind is expected to gust up to 50 km/h on Sunday and strengthen on Monday. 

Aerial view of land destroyed by wildfire.By Sunday morning, the fire appeared to have burnt itself out. (Photo Credit: