A fundraiser for a local firefighter was sold out in two days. The organizers quickly decided to add another date.

The Bud-Spud and Steak night fundraiser will be happening on March 8 in Lorette, to help a family whose loved one was involved in a serious crash nearly two months ago, east of Deacon’s Corner.

In December, a 54-year-old volunteer firefighter for the Tache Fire Department suffered serious life-threatening injuries in the collision.

The Ste. Geneviève fire department immediately initiated a fundraiser to assist the family with the impending financial burdens. That first fundraiser happened on December 13.

Captain Eric Plourde says then in January their team started looking at more ways they could help the Dornez family, and two weeks ago it was decided to host a Bud, Spud and Steak night in Lorette.

"We picked out our dates, and then we ordered tickets, and posters, and stuff like that. And then on Tuesday (last week) we went Live. By Wednesday, we had sold out about half the tickets and then Thursday we had sold pretty much every ticket for March 8th.”

Plourde says they sold 175 dinner tickets and another 50 support tickets.

"We still have some support tickets available, but the dinner tickets for that evening are all sold out.”

Upon hearing the news that they had sold out of dinner tickets, Plourde says he was humbled.

“We’re extremely grateful. We live in a super small community in Ste. Geneviève. There are not too many people around, but we knew that from outs and abouts, there'd be lots of support for the family, and we're super grateful.”

“That's why we ended up opening up that second day on March 9th for the other folks that didn't get a chance to give their support and have a dinner with the family.”

Plourde says there will also be silent auction prizes.

“The donations have been pouring in from different businesses from around and from afar. So, we do have quite a variety of stuff. Whether we spread the prizes out on both days or not will depend on what the group decides. But mostly probably it’ll just be one set of prizes, but they are going to be quite big prizes.”

Plourde says he’s known the firefighter and the Dornez family for about 20 years.

"They've always been willing to help out the community. They are the type of people that would give you the shirt off their back. You look around in the community and there are signs of what they've done everywhere. I could speak for the fire hall, where you take a look around and you see what that family has done for the community, and I think it just makes sense that we step up and give a little bit for them in their time and need.”

The first evening, Friday March 8 is sold out, but there are still tickets for Saturday, March 9.

Whether you would like to purchase a $25 dinner ticket or a $20 support ticket, Plourde says to contact him directly, call or text 204-972-0303 or by email captainsteg@rmtache.ca

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