Nine weeks, nine barbecues, and $46,409.73 raised for nine local charities.  

This year’s Taste of Summer Charity Barbecue was remarkably impactful thanks to the community’s impressive generosity.

The barbecue was held every Wednesday through July and August right in front of the Steinbach Credit Union on Main Street. 

Charlene Bart is the new SCU Branch Manager and says it was incredible to see the lineup grow just outside her office window every Wednesday. 

“Being new in the community, it is inspiring for me to see the number of people who show up, who volunteer, who give their time and then the people who come and participate and give back to the charitable organizations that we partner with.” 

Going one step farther, Bart adds “Steinbach, you blew my socks off. Seeing that number, $46,000-plus over nine weeks, we are talking about a small lunch each week but the amount of difference that the community members here can make with those small amounts, it is astounding to me, and we are excited to be a part of it.” 

Meanwhile Jed Doerksen from Steinbach Trailers and RV was often the man behind the grill. 

Similarly, to Charlene Bart, Doerksen says the lineup and consistent turnouts were very encouraging. 

“It has actually been overwhelming to see a lineup running the full length of the barbecue, going past the whole event, I haven't seen one of these fail yet and every week the community stepped up. For two bucks, it is an affordable lunch, but it is also charity, and it has just shown how truly generous Steinbach and the whole community have been.” 

Cooking hundreds of smokies every week, Doerksen says “I definitely leave a little greasier than when I started but it has been a pleasure to see faces in the crowd that I know, friends and family every week, it is just so encouraging. If you've seen the videos, I am always dancing and doing my thing at the grill. I don't take it lightly; it has just been a pleasure to contribute to this and be a part of this event.” 

Doerksen even recruited his sons to help out a number of times throughout the summer. He says they were a little reluctant at first, but then stepped up and enjoyed themselves. 

“I look at it as an opportunity to extend and to be service-minded, to get out and to contribute.” He adds “All three of them have been here, and if you've seen them, they've enjoyed it, it has been a blast creating memories. I have a grill-master now, my 15-year-old Ethan is like 'I think I own the grill', don't think that is not going to come up later!” 

SteinbachOnline, AM1250MIX 96.7FM and COUNTRY 107.7FM would like to give a big ‘thank you’ to everyone that came out and supported our local charities at the Taste of Summer Charity Barbecue this year. 

Support these local businesses that were vital in making the Taste of Summer Charity Barbecue a reality:


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