Mayor Chris Goertzen may not read to you on "Open Door Day" but he will be there to answer any questions you may have or just to chat.

Every third Friday of the month, Mayor Chris Goertzen walks through the AM1250 studio door to tell all of us that HIS door is wide open from 9-11:30 for questions, concerns, kudos or just to chat. What a great concept. This morning we touched on some topics YOU might want to bring up with him like the upcoming budget, the fact that Steinbach is definitely a growing city and the "good challenges" that presents to council, also, the fact that they're focussing on putting money away for cultural and recreational facility upgrades and upkeep, policing came up as did Walmart. Yes, it's coming. So, remember, every Friday morning -- you can go to City Hall -- walk through the "Open Door" -- and have your say. A great opportunity. Thank you Mayor Chris Goertzen.