The Town of Niverville is requesting its residents to continue being mindful of their water usage.

Mayor Myron Dyck says even though repairs to the water treatment plant have been completed, the reservoir requires refilling.

“We have a 1.8 million litre reservoir which we use mostly for fire suppression,” explains Dyck, “so that if we have a large fire or even a small one somewhere, it is our fire department through our fire hydrants that are now putting a real burden on that particular plant.”

The Town’s water treatment plant produces reverse osmosis water and required residents to conserve their usage in the aftermath of repairs made to a broken train.

“We had a mechanical breakdown and so we were dipping into our reservoir,” explains the Mayor, “and we want to be able to replenish the reservoir on these hot days.”

By having odd and even-numbered houses alternate days for watering their lawns or filling their pools the reservoir receives a chance to refill.

Dyck says the community will eventually need to expand on the reservoir to accommodate the growing population and says Council has already approved some spending for the engineering of it.

“The residents will be hearing more in the next year or two down the road,” says Dyck, “and then you’re looking at government grants, and eventually to construction in order to expand the water treatment plant.”