Grade 12 students from Niverville High School prepare to start a new chapter of their lives as they throw their caps and celebrate their graduation. 

Kimberley Funk, Niverville High School principal takes time to reminisce on the amazing school year they have had. 

“Lots of things are always happening but a highlight of this year is our school culture and community building,” Funk explains. “We've had some amazing experiential learning opportunities with our students. We've had opportunities to connect and collaborate with Indigenous Elders and start looking at embedding indigenous perspective.” 

She says the Ribbon Skirt Feast that took place near the end of the school year was a highlight. 

“We have several students that are graduating this year that have been able to connect with an Indigenous Knowledge Keeper and sew ribbon skirts,” she says. “They've learned a lot about their culture, and they've been able to celebrate that, and grow some pride in that area.” 

Kimberely Funk, Niverville High School PrincipalKimberely Funk, Niverville High School Principal

Principal Funk describes the 72 graduates as a diverse group. 

“They're definitely an energetic group. I know that many of our Grade 12 students have faced some type of adversity along the way in the last four years. But it's been so good to see that they've been able to persevere, and they've made it to graduation.” 

Many athletic students are going to post-secondary on sports scholarships. She says there are several strong leaders that will be missed as they made a big impact on the school. 

As the students move on to the next chapter in their lives, Funk gives her students words of encouragement. 

“I always encourage our students that are graduating to be adventurous,” Funk says. “Students often feel a lot of pressure at this time to have their future all mapped out and know exactly what they're going to do, and it's obviously good to have a plan as September will roll around and they need to know what they're going to be doing. But it's ok if plans change, goals change, be flexible and I always encourage them to try new things. I just want them to find a path that will bring them happiness, so they need to really explore.” 

Her students aren’t the only ones beginning a new journey. After 5 years at Niverville High, Funk is starting a new adventure at SRSS next school year. 

She reflects on her time as principal and shares some highlights. 

“The obvious one is being able to open a brand-new school. That's a once in a lifetime thing where you get to build things from the ground up. Overall, that has just created the culture in this building and the unique sense of community have with our teachers and I love it here, it’s been awesome. Change is always bittersweet, because this will always hold a special place in my heart for sure, but always excited to try new things too.” 

Niverville High School

The graduating class chose Jack Grantham as their valedictorian. 

“School is great because you get to socialize but it allows you to open up to so many things,” Grantham explains. 

He says he was introduced to many activities through school. He was on four sports teams, joined the school musical, took jazz band, and choir. 

“I think the best part about high school is the ability to expand and discover.” 

He leaves his fellow grads with words of encouragement. 

“A lot of people ask you what you want to be, I think it’s more important to look at who you want to be,” he says. “When you figure that out, it becomes a whole lot easier to narrow down what you be.” 

Grantham has been accepted to the School of Business at U of M and is hoping to take accounting.  

The Niverville High School graduation ceremony will take place on Wednesday, June 26.  


-With files from Adi Loewen