Most drivers have noticed an above-average number of potholes in the southeast this year, and the statistics back this up. 

Gary Reimer is the owner of Kal Tire. He says “We've seen blown tires as well as bent wheels and actually broken suspension parts from some of these potholes.” 

He notes it's "much worse this year than previous years." On Tuesday, Reimer says they had four different vehicles brought to their shop with pothole-related damage.  

“Normally, at this time of year, we would have a couple, maybe one or two a week but this is much more. Part of it is just our intersection at the corner of 12 and 52 with a great big hole, which they finally fixed. That was a bad hole, people would go through there far too fast, and they would just limp over here and say, ‘I got a flat tire.” 

Unfortunately, the fixes don’t last. According to a statement from Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure, they can’t fix the potholes at the intersection Main and Brandt in Steinbach fast enough. 

“Regional staff perform temporary repairs at this location at least twice a week with the most recent repairs taking place today. However, high traffic volumes at the intersection and changing weather have reduced the ability of these repairs to withstand the conditions.” 

The statement goes on to say “Permanent repairs with hot asphalt patching will be made as warmer weather conditions arrive.” 

A report from MPI show just how much worse this year has been compared to previous years. The number of pothole related claims in March was more than three times that of March 2023, and 10 times that of March 2021. 

March of 2022 was also bad, but was still significantly better.  

The Chart below shows pothole related claims in Manitoba by year and month. 

a graph shows pothole related claims by year and monthGraph provided by MPI