Motorists in Steinbach are noticing more potholes this winter than would be expected during the winter months. 

Randy Reimer, Public Works Manager for the City of Steinbach, says the mild weather and rain we experienced this winter are responsible for these potholes. 

“What we're dealing with now, as far as road conditions go, are similar to what we would be dealing with in maybe March to late March.” 

There are a few gravel roads within the city and Reimer says they have also taken a beating during the warm, rainy weather. 

“Then when we get these cold temperatures, everything freezes and then it's a lot harder to try and fix a lot of these potholes and washboard that we're getting.” 

Reimer notes that it seems the worst potholes are within the intersections with highways, and the province is responsible for making those repairs. 

The warm weather during the first week of February resulted in a lot of melting in Steinbach and water was starting to flow through culverts. 

Reimer says they partially opened some drains to help move the water. 

“We’re going to get cold temperatures now so that will freeze everything that was starting to run. So, then I'll see what things look like and how much more snow we get come the beginning of March.” 

Now that the temperature has fallen again after recent rainfall, crews are busy salting and sanding streets and sidewalks. 

“It’s definitely been a very unusual winter. I don’t think I can remember a winter quite like this one.” 

He says crews are doing a lot of work right now that would normally be done in mid to late March.