Though it was one of the shortest Niverville Town Council meetings in recent memory Tuesday night, it was business as usual, with bills needing to be paid, the auditor for the town's financials approved for the next three years and a request from a councillor to start enforcing ticketing of vehicles blocking business access driveways. Each time the mayor said, "All in favor", all four hands were raised.

When it came time for the Mayor to speak, all ears turned to listen.

Niverville, Mayor Myron DyckNiverville Mayor, Myron Dyck

Myron Dyck has been on Niverville Town Council for 14 years, with 8 of those years as Mayor. Each member of council, on his left and his right, has been with him for at least the past six years and he addressed them saying, 

"I just wanted to take this time to thank my councillors for their dedication to serving the people of Niverville these past two terms. To also say Thank You for their passion, not just on a few of the issues, but on all the issues. Their patience and willingness to go beyond the norm, to see something accomplished. Their courage to butt heads with one another. To emphasize the point they believe in, but never in a way that is disrespectful. I say Thank You to them for not quitting at the first, second or even third time that a plan appears to be falling apart. For all the encouragement and support they have given to me through their words and actions. At a time when quality leaders seem few and far between and too often the choices are not great, I can say with a knowing that these men have served with integrity. Not being an embarrassment to those they serve, which we see too often around us, but leaders that those they serve can be proud of. I have called these men councillors. I've called them a few other things in the heat of the moment, but the one thing I'm most proud to call them, and that is, friend."

"Gentlemen, whatever lies ahead, I wish you well. You can all hold your heads high, as you have given of yourselves to make the lives of others better and together, as a team, have accomplished great things. I'm a better man for having had the privilege of working with you, and I'm very thankful for each one of you. Well done, my friends. Well done." 

Here is a list of candidates for the four seats on Niverville Town Council in the 2022 Municipal Elections: 

Jason Alderson

Meaghan Beasant

Nathan Dueck

Bill Fast

John Funk

Kevin Stott

Chris Wiebe

Manitobans will be going to the polls on Wednesday, October 26 from 8am to 8pm.

Niverville's polling station is at the Golden Friendship Centre, 118 2nd Avenue South, Niverville. 

Identification may be required before being allowed to vote. You are asked to bring one piece of a government-issued ID or at least two other documents that provide proof of identity. 

For questions please contact, Audrey Neufeld, Senior Election Official (SEO) for the Town of Niverville

204-388-4600 ext. 1102