17 months after the idea was proposed to annex land near the town of Niverville from the RM of Hanover, Niverville residents met with provincial officials to voice their concerns and ask questions about the annexation. 

The Municipal Board of Manitoba held a public hearing February 21, 22 and 23 at the Niverville CRRC after receiving concerns from government departments and agencies regarding the considered annexation proposal of land from the RM of Hanover.  

Mayor Myron Dyck gives us an update on how the hearings went.

He says, “the three days of Public Hearings last month, was an opportunity for everyone to be able to present their thoughts, and their wishes in regard to the annexation, whether they were for or they were against or questions they wanted answered.” 

Dyck notes that the next step for Niverville residents is to wait, and the next step for the Municipal Board, 

“They will take all that information and then prepare a report which they will provide to the Minister of Municipal and Northern Affairs, and now there's just the waiting, which is what we’re doing right now.” 

Dyck adds, “I just want to thank everyone that came out and took the time to make sure that their message was heard.” 

The mayor says they should hear something from the province in 60 – 90 days, although he says, “we're getting close to summer, so, does it delay? We're not sure.”

2022 map of the town of Niverville and RM of Hanover land to be annexed2022 map of the town of Niverville and RM of Hanover land to be annexed