Earl Funk will be Mayor of Steinbach for another four years. 

The nomination deadline for the upcoming municipal election was 4 P.M. on Tuesday, and with no other candidates stepping forward to challenge Funk, he is in by acclamation. 

Funk says he is honoured. 

“It is a relief, it feels really good. The last election in 2018 was very taxing, it was very difficult and I definitely wasn’t looking for another one like that. This is a very big vote of confidence for me. It has been amazing how many people have been coming in over the last couple of months since I announced in May, and have said ‘hey, you are doing a good job’. That has really meant a lot to me and I thank everyone for their support.” 

Looking ahead to this upcoming term, Funk says he is committed to providing consistent leadership. 

“We are going to continue working on small projects in our neighbourhoods such as basketball courts, dog parks, the neighbourhood ice rinks, etc. Those kinds of projects will keep moving forward. Public safety and more active transportation, those are the kinds of things that we will keep working on. Much of what we have been working on will just keep going.” 

Funk says he looks forward to serving the people of Steinbach over the next four years. He encourages residents to reach out and express their concerns and hopes for the city.  

“My cell phone number is on the city website. It is that easy to get a hold of me, I'm just a phone call away.” 

In addition, Funk notes “I do ask the public to continue to pray for us to have wisdom as we serve them and serve God in these positions. I am just thankful that I can do it for another four years.”