Earl Funk has announced he will run for re-election this fall.

Funk won the 2018 mayoral election following former Mayor Chris Goertzen’s announcement that he would be stepping down. Funk says the last four years have been great.

"There has been so much that has happened in our city and if I look at the campaign promises collectively from myself and all of council, we have either met every promise or it is in process. I think we have been very successful and there are quite a few projects that I'd like to see come to fruition and be there on opening day. That is why I would like to run again, I feel we have done a good job. We dealt with COVID but we stayed focused, we kept working and I would like to complete projects and there are many more to get done."

More specifically, Funk says "The first thing is to continue with the event centre, get that thing going, but also continue to work on projects that are pertinent like building roads, building infrastructure, addressing areas where we can bring in more business and more industry to our community, those are some of the projects I want to continue to work on."

Funk was first elected to city council back in 2010 before making his mayoral bid in 2018. He notes his reasons for running haven't changed over the years.

"I just love Steinbach, I love working in our community, I love seeing our community grow and I want to make a difference in our community. At the end of life, when I look back, I want to feel that I did make a difference in my world where I could."

At times, Funk says it can be difficult juggling a business and his role with the city, but says he has excellent support.

"This is a decision that together with my wife, we have come to this decision I appreciate her involvement, I couldn't do this without the support of Lorie. There is just no way this would happen without her."

Funk notes Lorie often gets the short end of the stick as most city council business happens in the evening, but she is very understanding and very supportive.

The 2022 municipal election will be held on October 26th.