A free event for allies of the LGBTQ+ community is coming up this weekend in Steinbach. 

Steinbach Neighbours Community is organizing their annual educational event, and this years’ theme is Active Allyship. 

Darren Reimer from Steinbach Neighbours for Community explains why they chose this theme. 

“We wanted people to get some ideas about how to be allies for the LGBTQ+ community. We've had lots of education in the past about different groups within that community, but we want to see what sort of positive things that people could do for the community right now.” 

Last years theme was Exploring Trans Experiences, which talked about various subjects in regards to being trans and what that looks like.  

They have three speakers lined up for this years’ event. 

Their first speaker is Tara Shepard, and she will be diving into what allyship is. 

The second speaker is Kyle Penner, Associate Pastor at Grace Mennonite Church, and he's talking about allyship in the church.  

Then Randy Hildebrandt, the last speaker, will be talking about allyship for parents, and how parents can step up to be allies for their kids. 

Reimer is hoping that there will be some beneficial information for everybody who attends, and encourages anybody in the community that is interested to join the event. 

The Active Allyship event is on Saturday, November 4th at 9:45am at the Steinbach Curling Club in the events room upstairs. 

He notes Steinbach Neighbours for Community is looking at possibly running a parent support group for LGBTQ+ youth. 

“So if people are interested in that they should certainly come on the 4th, but also get a hold of us as well if you're interested in joining the parent support group.” 

You can reach out by contacting neighboursforcommunity@gmail.com. 


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