Welcome back to Made in Manitoba! This weekend we're excited to have Leaf Rapids back on the program for the third time as the group releases its third album "Velvet Paintings". It's been about five years since the group's last release, and over that time, lead singer and songwriter Keri Latimer has been hard at work on creating what would ultimately become the new album.

The band also includes Keri's husband Devin Latimer on bass, as well as Joanna Miller with drums and vocals, and her husband Chris Dunn on guitars.

"Velvet Paintings" marked a big change for the Juno award winning Keri Latimer, specifically in some aspects of the album's creation, like taking an observational approach to her song writing and relinquishing control in the arranging of the songs.

We always look forward to having return Made in Manitoba guests join us, and we're particularly looking forward to catching up with the Winnipeg based group tonight. We begin Keri's conversation with Chris, and music from Leaf Rapids' latest album, after this.