Students at Roseau Valley School attended their last school dance of the year. 

Tyson Kerda, a grade 12 student in Dominion City, is the secretary for Student Council. 

He says the Spring Fling was an enjoyable time, hanging out with peers in a fun atmosphere.

“It was mainly dancing around, we had a bunch of tables set up, so we started talking to each other, nice, friendly conversations here and there, and enjoying the music.” 

There was a Neon Disco theme for the dance Friday evening.

Kerda says the small school was able to put on a great event with around 15 students showing up for the evening. He believes every school should have events like this. 

Students sitting at tables and students dancing.Students at Roseau Valley School in Dominion City enjoyed one last school dance before the year ends next month. (Photo Credit: Tyson Kerda)