Students at Roseau Valley School are putting the finishing touches on plans for their spring dance. 

High school teacher Randi Cote says the spring fling will have a neon disco theme, chosen by the students. 

“They are excited for that with neon lights, black lights, that kind of stuff. They also planned some games, they’re going to do some cornhole, they’re going to do some limbo... just to keep everyone busy, everyone involved.” 

She says it’s a great event for Grade 7 to 12 students in Dominion City. 

“We don’t request that anybody dresses up formally, but sometimes it’s nice for them to get dressed up a little bit and see each other in a different way. So, they’re also getting excited for that. We just really want everybody to come together, enjoy something that’s not just about the schooling.” 

Even though this is a fun event that might not fall into the curriculum, Cote says there’s great value in holding a school dance because students get to learn more about social interaction. 

“And for students especially on student council, they’re learning how to put on an event, what they need to plan for it, buying supplies, making posters, getting the interest, so it’s good in a lot of different aspects.” 

Spring Fling promotional poster.RVS high school teacher Randi Cote says students take care of many tasks in putting on school dances, like making promotional and informational posters.