The Chrysalis Fund has created a way for local students to be recognized for their contributions.

The Youth Giving Back Award is a chance for youth to be recognized for their leadership skills and at the same time gives them a chance to participate in philanthropy as the winner gets to choose a local charity for a $500 grant.  

Chair of the Chrysalis Fund, Debbie Krahn says the award is open to a variety of students with leadership skills, "kids that are showing compassion in the classroom, involved in acts of paying it forward, being good role models, taking initiative, some kind of community involvement.  Practically speaking, it could look like one of your high school employees, for example, who's a great example to other employees with their work ethic, their attitude."

Krahn encourages adults in the community to take a look and see youth that are inspirational leaders in their behaviours and attitudes for the award. "That is worth approaching a student about and saying, 'hey look, I'm noticing this about you', here's an application, let's work through this together."

Approaching an inspirational youth enables the student to not 'brag" about themselves but allows someone else to encourage them.  Krahn says, 'I think just the process of working through the application with the student can be a real source of affirmation to them." She believes that just having someone identify leadership skills and acknowledging them is encouraging all on its own. 

Krahn encourages all adults to consider the students in their lives for the Youth Giving Back Award as, "it's a chance to encourage a youth in your world."