There’s a group in Steinbach where new moms find support, encouraging each other as they prepare for the changes that happen when a newborn comes home. 

Postpartum depression, anxiety, exhaustion, and isolation. 

These are just some of the topics that are discussed during the sessions of Coping With Change at Steinbach Family Resource Centre. 

“Coping with Change is a postpartum support program for new moms,” says Facilitator Ruth Friesen. “So, moms who have a baby between zero to 12 months are welcome to attend. It's about learning to cope with the changes that come with having a baby to care for.” 

Friesen says participants feel there are many benefits to getting involved in this program. 

“I love seeing the friendships that are being built,” she says. “The confidence that these moms have developed over the few weeks that we are together. And I'll just quote what some of them have said. ‘I feel more confident as a mom after attending this group.’ ‘I don't feel as alone.’ ‘I gained a friend.’ ‘What I feel is actually normal.’”

Promotional poster for Coping With Change.

They also talk about "Mommy Myths."

"We all have an idea of what the perfect mother looks like, based on mothers we know, based on social media. And moms feel really bad when they don't measure up," Friesen says. "So, we debunk some of those myths. And then we also talk about relationship changes. It's common to see some friendships change or fade out of our lives. And you know, once we have a baby, our priorities change and it's harder to get out for a lot of moms. And they're exhausted, right? They're exhausted and have no energy to stay connected. But relationships are so important, especially for that new mom." 

A new session of Coping With Change begins on March 20th. 

Email to register for Coping With Change. 

Steinbach Family Resource Centre has a group coming up in April that also looks at imperfect parenting. It's called "Nobody's Perfect." 

Both groups provide parents of young children a safe environment to share their struggles and success. Friesen says it is important for parents to know that they are not alone.

Promotional poster for Nobody's Perfect.

-With files from Carly Koop.