There's fish #1 -- my dad caught that one -- and it just got us all so excited!! You see, we went fishing last year and didn't even get a bite -- but thanks to some great advice about using leeches, not minnows, and sitting still and jigging near a couple of rock piles -- we had a whole lot of action. The cloud cover made the warmth JUST RIGHT, and just having quiet time with my dad and my boys... priceless. We all got lots of bites and I had 2 fish right to the boat -- but on one, the net got caught on something and he got away and the next one -- I'm pretty sure my technique left MUCH to be desired.

But the boys were pretty thrilled with how big this jack fish was that they caught -- and his flipping and flopping in the cooler was almost more entertainment than reeling it in. 2 was our grand total  -- and now we're just looking forward to the fish fry. Fishing in Manitoba -- what a great summer thing to do!