Summer in the City Volunteer Coordinator Henry Unger encourages people to sign up now to volunteer for Steinbach's summer festival which is just over a month away. 

“Right now, we do still need quite a bit of volunteers.” 

Head over to to pick your ideal volunteer location and time. 

“It’s a great system there. You just go (to the website), you can get a description of what you want. Most of the shifts are about a three-hour shift, so it’s not overwhelming. There’s also a spot where you can relax and have a snack.”  

Unger says volunteers are needed in a wide variety of areas. 

“We have lots of opportunities in artists tents, crafters if you like to do some crafting or face painting. We always need face painters. There's a great opportunity to work with me in the volunteer lounge. There's also the information booth, we always need somebody there to direct people.” 

He says volunteers are key in making sure Steinbach's summer festival happens each year. 

Summer in the City will take over Main Street in Steinbach from June 14 to 16. 

Unger is excited about the new location for the volunteer lounge. 

He appreciates Calvary Church opening the doors to volunteers during the festival, providing a convenient spot right on Main Street.

Henry Unger standing outside Calvary Church.Henry Unger, Volunteer Coordinator for Summer in the City, outside Calvary Church in Main Street in Steinbach. This will be the new location for the volunteer lounge June 14-16.

Although Unger has not been in the coordinator role for very long, he is no stranger to volunteering at the festival. He’s been doing this for many years and says it’s a great way to meet people and get a true sense of belonging in the community.