Volunteers in yellow shirts scattered throughout Steinbach Saturday morning for the annual Pick Up and Walk community clean up. 

This is one event that Hailey Klassen always looks forward to. 

“I try to do it every year,” she says. “I really like the community aspect of it and doing it with friends and family. I think every time I've done it, it's always been like a party. It's always a hoot and you have so much fun. You're picking up trash, but you're all laughing and you're all enjoying it.” 

Klassen says it feels so good to see the result of everyone’s hard work. 

“It’s the satisfaction of it, that you’re just like, ‘Wow, we did this, and we all pulled together. This is so cool!’” 

This year, Klassen brought along a friend to join her clean-up crew. 

“I always hear her talking about it and she talked me into coming with her,” says Julia Arsenault. 

Even though it was a cool, wet Saturday morning, the two friends wore smiles as they met up with their team to clean up the city.

A panorama shot of the volunteers inside the arena.Pick Up and Walk volunteers prepare for a Saturday morning of picking up trash throughout the city.

-With files from Adi Loewen, Corny Rempel.