The fastest-growing town in Manitoba with a population of over 5,000 as of Feb 2022, is still waiting for its 2nd traffic light.

Niverville was promised one back in December 2021 and now 6 months later with construction underway at the intersection of Highway 311 and Mulberry Ave, Mayor Myron Dyck says, the traffic lights themselves will only be installed next year because of supply issues.

“They've been purchased, but by the time they're made and delivered, a year will have passed. That said, all the road work and the paving and all that will take about 8 weeks. There are currently detours in place for both pedestrians and vehicles and yeah, we're looking forward to seeing that part of the project completed in about 8 weeks' time.”

Dyck explains the reason why that intersection currently appears to be a 3-way intersection. “So, Drovers Run Road goes past the Shell on the south side of PR-311 and runs parallel to it, and that's going to be extended (east) and then joined to the 311 to create a 4-way intersection with Mulberry Ave.”

He says the Old Drovers Run Golf Course will turn into a residential development with a Hotel and other commercial buildings. “So, all vehicular traffic coming from that new development will be channelled into this intersection and it'll take some pressure off of the what we call the Krahn Intersection, which is the Tim Hortons /Shell and that's why this will be a full 4-way.”

When referring to the sidewalk that is currently connecting the town of Niverville to the new developments on the west side of the railroad tracks, Dyck says that during construction of the intersection, sidewalk access will be interrupted.

”Fast Brothers, who are doing the road work, will be providing a temporary walkway for people to still be able to get to both sides of town."

"We are asking the high school students and residents, that use this intersection to cross over the 311, either from places they live or places that they're looking to go to, that they would go all the way to Krahn Road and use that intersection instead, just for their own safety. Besides, it's going to be excavated so you can't walk through a construction site anyway.”









 Dyck then alludes to the possibility of another controlled intersection further west, where a developer recently purchased 200 to 300 acres of land, between Krahn Road and the Niverville dike.

It’s exciting for the Mayor of Niverille, noting that they’ve been growing by 30% over the past couple of years and are now the “5th fastest growing municipality in the country.” Dyck says their job is to “manage what their residents are interested in doing and giving them better access to go places is part of the planning that we're doing.”